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The Freedom of Choice of How, When and What You Need to Manage Your ATM Portfolio.
Any Gateway
Any Device
Full Control
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Foothill Solutions Software Empowers Operators with a full suite of features including:


We are a Complete .Net solution specifically build for the Transaction Industry

Powered by The Best

Build on    Microsoft's ASP.Net


The ability to switch processors or gateways at anytime with a click of a button, eliminating costs associated with swiching


The ability to directly utilize processors thus eliminating 3rd party gateways

Integration & Flexibility

Can be integrated into any Gateway of your choice.

Full Control

To take full control of the platform without dependency on 3rd party gateways

Account Analytics

Track your accounts and transactions

Our software helps you break free from the barriers traditional services and platforms impose on you. Uniquely positioned to connect the entire ATM ecosystem under one environment to help you manage and grow your portfolio.